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Current Version: 2.7 BETA


Last Update: 09/19/2007


File Size: ~3.95 Mb



Advanced rich text editor component for Delphi and C++Builder


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What's new in Sarbyx v2.7 BETA

Removed: Themes support =)
Improved: "Reminder" module
Improved: "Organizer" module
Improved: "Tweaks" module
Improved: "Trayclock" module
Bug fixes

All list of new features will be available in Sarbyx 2.71 version

for more info read our forum

What's new in Sarbyx v2.6

Added: "show day of the week" in trayclock module
Added: "show year" in trayclock module
Added: new language: French
Improved: trayclock module
Improved: "find" window
Improved: "view" filter
Improved: unicode support
Fixed: various bug fixes

What's new in Sarbyx v2.55

Added: new theme (vistanew.theme)
Added: available languages: Danish, English, Hungarian, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian
Added: an ability to set a background screen color of Events and Organizer Trees
Added: an ability to change skins and format of TrayClock in "Preferences" window
Added: an ability to add "My links" for remindings of holidays and birthdays in "Preferences" window
Improved: "Wizard" window

Reminder module
Added: setting of the filter for events review (Yesterday, Today, Date Interval and etc.)
Added: an ability to add your favorite links (Postcards, Gifts and etc.) to "Today" window
Added: an ability to set a default color for tree background

Organizer module
Added: an ability to use transparency to "Quick access panel"
Added: adding new row to tables when the user presses TAB in the last cell
Added: rewinds all inserted animated pictures to the first frame
Added: Word Count in "Note/Article" window

Improved: Contact's photo will be displayed in "Quick access panel" only if you already added it to "Contact" window
Improved: faster formatting of documents containing controls-items
Improved: faster loading RTF files with images
Improved: exporting tables must look better in Mozilla/Firefox
Improved: copying multicell selection as a table fragment
Improved: some tweaks in HTML export
Improved: inserting animated GIF images
Improved: assignment of table cells' string properties (Hint and BackgroundImageFileName) can be undone and redone by user

Fixed: critical fix related to undo of drag&drop in tables
Fixed: table selection, table HTML export, glitches on typing after non-text items
Fixed: XHTML export (missing ending slash in one tag)
Fixed: Drag&drop copying: it was impossible to insert a copy of selection to its beginning or end
Fixed: HTML export

Tweaks module
Fixed: various bug fixes

What's new in Sarbyx v2.5

General changes

The program's interface was changed
Added: "Choose language" window
Added: "Getting Started" wizard window
Changed: Notification window

Reminder module
Added: events wizard window
Added: events Holidays/Birthdays
Added: Holiday/Birthday windows
Added: search window (advanced search engine)
Added: new "Active event" button to the toolbar

Organizer module
Added: extension for the database format is '.sdb' which stands for 'Sarbyx Database'.
Added: new "Add as copy" button to the toolbar
Added: search window (advanced search engine)
Added: "Datebase Properties" window

Tweaks module
Changed: Tweaks icons
Changed: "Easy launch" move to "Tweaks" module

Other program changes were improved
Reduced memory usage
Various bugfixes

History of changes

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