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Current Version: 2.7 BETA


Last Update: 09/19/2007


File Size: ~3.95 Mb



Advanced rich text editor component for Delphi and C++Builder


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A new universal manager, which helps you to plan your events, keep precious information, generate passwords, work with virtual disks and more is at your service.

SarbyxLabs today announces the release of Sarbyx 2.7 BETA, a new version of the popular PIM software. The program blends together a variety of features, which are hardly found elsewhere at a time. Sarbyx is not a simple personal information manager, which most of users must have just thought about. It is a complex utility consisting of different separate modules; each module can be adjusted to users` habits. The general features include four-module integration
(Reminder, Organizer, Trayclock and Tweaks), hierarchic information representation, drag & drop support, system hot keys, password generator, etc.

An ability to change skins and format of TrayClock in "Preferences" window, an ability to add "My links" for reminding of holidays and birthdays in "Preferences" window. The list of innovations can be continued further.

Sarbyx provides for extended reminder options. The program allows you to set reminders for 15 types of events, to schedule reminders, to set alarms with custom messages and mp3/wav sounds, and to launch external applications at the coming of events. Apart from that, Sarbyx helps you to switch to the advanced mode in the way of organizing your information: it features a flexible tree structure, 3 document types: notes, contacts, passwords, ability to attach any files (DOC/TXT/JPG/, etc.) to your records, database encryption, password generator, simultaneous multiple records processing (adding and editing) and much more.

The developers of the program paid special attention to the notes option, so here you can enjoy an ability to create internal links and checkpoints, 9 link types: www, node, checkpoint, e-mail, news, FTP, Skype, file, directory, import and export features, etc. Besides, tweaks have not been passed over, that is why such opportunities as creation of a virtual drive, disk drives hiding, OEM info, autostarts, CD-ROM lock are among the most popular options.

Sarbyx Benefits at a Glance:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Four-module integration Reminder, Organizer, Trayclock and Tweaks;
  • Unique notification (alert) system;
  • Database password-protection and encryption;
  • Simultaneous multiple records processing (adding and editing);
  • Import and export features (*.doc, *.rtf, *.txt, *.html);
  • Ability to create internal links and checkpoints;
  • Minimization to system tray;
  • Available for Windows 2000/2003/XP;
  • Install and uninstall functions.

Pricing and Availability

Sarbyx runs under Windows 2000/XP and costs $39.95 (USD). Registered users are entitled to unlimited use of the program, priority technical support via e-mail and free life-time upgrades, allowing them to use latest version of Sarbyx free of charge, anytime. A fully functional 30-day evaluation version of Sarbyx is available as a free download at
http://sarbyxlabs.com/files/sarbyx.exe (3.95 Mb)

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September 19, 2007...

Sarbyx v2.7 BETA has been released! What's new


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March 15, 2007...

Sarbyx v2.6 has been released! What's new


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Sarbyx Utility Features

Reminder, Organizer, Trayclock, Tweaks, Protecting Important Information, Minimization To System Tray, Flexible Customizing, Easy To Use, Notification Message, Alarm, Launch/Open, System ShutDown, System Reboot, User Log Off, System Hibernate, System Suspend, Disable Mouse, Disable Keyboard, Display Hibernation, Break Internet Connection, Open Internet Address, Time Synchronization, Mp3;Wav Sounds, Notes, Contacts, Passwords, Attach Any Files, Database Encryption, Simultaneous Multiple Records Processing, Import And Export, Printing With Preview, Create Internal Links, Create Checkpoints, Link Types: www, node, checkpoint, e-mail, news, FTP, Skype, file directory, Paragraph Formatting, Search And Replace, Background Images Of Tables, Automatic URL Detection, Unicode Support, Work With Tables, One-Click Copying To Clipboard, Hidden Input Information, Easy Launch System Tools, Passwords Behind Asterisks, Windows Tweaks, Internet Explorer Tweaks, System Hot Keys, Password Generator, Create a Virtual Drive, Hide Disk Drives, OEM Info, Autostarts, CD-ROM Lock, Restrict Run

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