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Current Version: 2.7 BETA


Last Update: 09/19/2007


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Advanced rich text editor component for Delphi and C++Builder


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May 28, 2006...


[+] Added feature
[*] Improved/changed feature
[-] Bug fixed (we hope)

[*] The program's interface was changed
[+] New trayclock module was added

[+] Status bar was added
[+] The main window can be enlarged
[*] The Remind module was changed
[*] The Tweaks module was changed
[*] The context menu in the system tray was changed
[*] Other program changes were improved
[-] Bugs fixed

What's New in SikUp v.2.2 beta

April 19, 2006...


[+] Added feature
[*] Improved/changed feature
[-] Bug fixed (we hope)


[+] Now SikUp! supports following languages: English, Russian, Korean, Turkish
[*] The order of the main menu items has been changed
[+] Menu | Tools | System Hot Keys (You can define system Hot-Keys for functions you can use when other application are active).
[+] Menu | Tools | Password generator (Ctrl+Shift+F8)
[-] Bugs fixed.

[+] context menu for "Easy launch" buttons (ability to select custom system tools)
[+] context menu for "Games" buttons (ability to select custom games)

Organizer Module
[*] The order of the main menu items has been changed, to bring it more into accordance with the usual order displayed in other Windows software.
[*] Several inconveniences related to editing text have been resolved

[+] Saving and loading fields at "Address" info panel
[*] Info panel "Photoes"
[+] Path to photoes


[+] Browsing history functionality
[+] History-back menu item and tool button
[+] History-forward menu item and tool button

[+] Paste as HTML (Menu | Edit | Paste as | HTML) to paste text from the clipboard with formatting
[+] Shows or hides nonprinting characters, such as paragraph marks, tabs and spaces
[+] Default format - changes font of the selected text
[+] Ability to save your own menu and toolbar settings
[+] Shows or hides checkpoints in the Article

[+] New-style hyperlinks. Blue and bold, they can be activated by dbl-click. Hyperlinks can point to nodes, to checkpoints, to directories, files on hard disk, newsgroups, Web sites, Skype, email addresses and FTP servers.
[+] Hyperlink dialog for modifying and creating hyperlinks
[+] Hyperlink content will be displayed in the statusbar when one clicks once on a new-style hyperlinks
[+] When the article text-cursor is on a hyperlink, the toolbar button 'Hypertext link..' will display the 'modify hyperlink' screen. ('Menu | Insert | Hypertext link..' has the same function as the toolbar button, as well as Shift+Ctrl+h)
[+] It is now also possible to link to checkpoints inside the article, (Menu | Insert | Checkpoints)

[+] Shows or hides left cell border
[+] Shows or hides right cell border
[+] Shows or hides top cell border
[+] Shows or hides bottom cell border
[+] Shows or hides all cell borders
[+] Hides all cell borders
[+] Shows or hides table grid lines

February 20, 2006...

This time round we concentrated on fixing as many bugs as possible, thus improving the programme's overall stability and functionality.

As usual, updating to the latest version of the programme is easy: there is no need in uninstalling your existing copy of SikUp! - just install the new version over. All the settings, events, tasks, notes, contacts and passwords will be preserved.


+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed (we hope)

[+] Minimize to tray on close option
[*] Create a Virtual Drive
[*] Hide Disk Drives
[*] OEM Info
[*] Autostarts
[*] CD-ROM(s) lock
[*] Restrict Run
[-] [Other] Crash on startup
[-] [Other] Sometimes a problem when closing a programm
[-] [Organizer] Context menu for attachments not properly working
[-] [Quick access panel] images were not loading
[-] [Tweaks] DVD door lock
[-] Theme <none> not loading
[-] Fixed different memory leaks
[-] other small bugs fixedr!

SikUp v.2.15 - February 1, 2006...

New year - new version. In this version of SikUp! we made another few steps aimed at improving the programme's functionality and overall stability.

However, we have not forgotten to implement new useful features. The "Show tips as BalloonTip" option (menu SikUp|Preferences|General) and "Quick access panel" in Organizer module, menu Tools.


+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed (we hope)

[+] "Quick access panel"
[+] "Show tips as BalloonTip" option
[+] Logs Exception Errors
[+] Updated help file
[*] Improved works with modules a "Reminder" and "Organizer"
[*] Improved editor (Notes/Article, Contacts, Passwords)
[*] Other program improvements
[-] Various bugfixes

SikUp v.2.12 - December 15, 2005...

The program's interface has been improved.
Now SikUp! Supports Korean language!
The new theme(cell_shaded) was added to the distribution kit.
To create new an Event/Task by hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+Ins) option is added.
Auto save database when saving record (Notes, Contacts etc) option is added.
Time synchronization was advanced.
The notifications messages were added for Events / Tasks:
System Shutdown; System Reboot; etc.;
Disable mouse; Display hibernation; etc.;
Time synchronization;
Date's display was changed.
Other program improvements.
Bugs fixed.

SikUp v.2.1 - November 19, 2005...

The program's interface has been improved
The program's speed has been improved. Now SikUp! works faster (up to 150% faster) with the databases in the Windows 98/Me/2000.
"Tip of the Day" is added.
The following features are added into Organizer module: "Mark", "View" and "Expand & Collapse All Folders".
Some shortcuts are added for your convenience.
"Use sound effect" option is added.
Now Text Editor automatically recognizes Web and Email addresses.
Reminder module improvements.
"Synchronize now" button into the "Edit event | Time synchronization" window is added.
Other program improvements.
Bugs fixed.
Help file is updated.

SikUp v2.0 - August 26, 2005...


The interface of the program integrates four modules working with various data types (Reminder, Useful, Organizer and Tweaks).
Support of themes (skins) for MS Windows XP. The necessary theme is easily chosen among the thousand ones available on the Internet (www.themexp.org).


A lot of event types.
Scheduling options.
Powerful alarms with custom messages and (*.mp3;*.wav;) sounds.
Unique notification (alert) system.
Launching external applications at the coming of events


Flexible tree structure
4 document types: Folders, Notes, Contacts, Passwords
Ability to attach any files (*.doc; *.xls; *.txt; *.jpg; *.mp3; etc.) to your records
Document password-protecting
Database encryption.
Simultaneous multiple records processing (adding and editing).
Import and export features (.doc; *.rtf; *.txt,; *.html;)
Working with several databases files
The program allows you to work with several data files simultaneously and you can easily switch between them.

..:: Easy import and export to Word and WordPad (RTF)
..:: Paragraph formatting.
..:: Search and replace
..:: Image insertion (*.jpg; *.gif;).
..:: Ability to set the width and background images of tables
..:: Automatic URL detection enabled at text typing
..:: Unicode support
..:: Work with tables.

..:: Multitude of predefined fields
..:: Option to store photographs.
..:: Flexible settings
..:: Integration with default email client and web browser.

..:: Storing an address, name, password, etc.
..:: One-click copying to clipboard.
..:: Internet link storage.
..:: Hidden input of information

Windows Tweaks
Internet Explorer Tweaks
Virtual Drives
Hide Disk Drives
OEM info
Cd-Rom lock
Restrict Run

What's new in SikUp v.1.5

Ability to establish the password on SikUp! for protection of the program.
New popup menu on the tray icon.
New popup menu in "Notebook" window.
New window "Fast Launch"

What's new in SikUp v.1.45

Reveal passwords. Lets you see any text in password field as a text (instead of ***** characters). To use this function open the window containing the password field (the one with ***** characters), press CTRL and click this field with your mouse - you will see the password as human readable text.
Improved NoteBook page.
Added new buttons in toolbar (Stand By, Hibernate, Log Off).
Fixed some bugs.

What's new in SikUp v.1.43

Support Windows XP.
Added support to skinnable interface.

[+] Remove or Copy link

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